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From the slopes of the sunny hills of Oaxaca, magueys bathe with the warm rays of the sun. Those same warm rays bask the streets of Southern California. 

An elixir of ancestral lineage collides with a culture of rich heritage and pride. Firme Mezcal is born from the Mexican-American experience and the reverence to their ancestors. Hardworking counterparts in lands divided by a river but united by a passion. Ni de aqui, ni de alla.

Firme Mezcal was born from that passion for Mezcal. A pride of being an immigrant on a foreign land and the honor to enjoy the gifts passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter. 

Uniting two worlds full of heritage, Villa de Etla, Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca and Los Angeles, California, Firme Mezcal brings to a nation eager to enjoy new and quality products made by hardworking artisans and a hungry generation. 

Firme Mezcal is owned and operated by Ochoa Imports LLC, it's founder Alberto Ochoa takes pride and honors our culture, heritage and love for Mezcal. 

Come take a ride with us on this voyage across borders. Be Firme with us and learn to enjoy the elixir of the gods! Drink now and smile later!

About Us

Be Firme with us and learn to enjoy the elixir of the gods!

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About us

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