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The brand was inspired by the Mexican-American “Chicano” underground culture that is experiencing a rise of popularity such as that of the Mezcal spirit.


The brand: Firme Mezcal, looks to inspire the younger mature consumer by inciting a sense of pride, an allure of rebellion, a sense of nostalgia, raise inquisition, and a feeling of relatability and legitimacy.

In the “Chicano” subculture, the word Firme can be interpreted to mean to be loyal, can be attributed to a righteous
person, a trustworthy individual that is highly respected in the barrio, or plain and simple to communicate great quality and admiration for something.


It is therefore the reason why the word Firme was considered to describe the product: a mezcal that is trustworthy, respected and of the utmost quality.

About Us

the word firme can be interpreted to be loyal, Trustworthy and respected.


why firme mezcal?

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