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Firme Mezcal brand was inspired by the rich Mexican-American Chicano culture that represents Southern California. A rich culture that values family, religion, traditions, and heritage.  


Growing up in the barrios of Southern California and being a part of the Chicano culture, it was just normal and the right thing for the founders of Firme Mezcal to emulate their up bringing and pay respects to their heroes, their role models, and their families with the brand.   

In the Chicano culture, the word Firme can be interpreted to mean to be loyal, can be attributed to a righteous
person, a trustworthy individual that is highly respected in the barrio, or plain and simple to communicate great quality and admiration for something.


Firme Mezcal looks to inspire all mezcal drinkers to take a ride with us on this crazy idea that is to honor our raza with a Firme product! 

Siempre Firmes. Always Respected! 

About Us

the word firme can be interpreted to be loyal, Trustworthy and respected.


why firme mezcal?

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