Agave age: Espading Agave, 9 years - Tobala Agave, 12-15 years

Category: Artisan Mezcal

Furnace Type: Stone Conical

 Grinding: Horse-drawn stone mill

Fermented: Wooden tubs

Distillate: Copper alembic - Double distillate

Class: Ensamble,  Espadin Agave and  Tobala Agave.

Alcoholic degree: 46% Alc. Vol.

Presentation: 750 ml

Species: Maguey espadín (Agave angustifolia) and Maguey Tobala  (Agave Potatorum)

Tasting notes: Silver crystalline, woody aroma with notes of vanilla and sweet nuances. When tasted it offers citrus flavors with a smooth finish. 

Mezcal Ensamble